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er … do I have to? LOL

… this has been the only post on this blog for a year or 2 now … and that was all it said until I added this green text in here now … might be all I say on here for another year or 3 too … or it might not – one never knows …

I already have another blog elsewhere, and even that one has been rather neglected lately … in fact the only reason I even ended up here was because I logged in to post a rather long comment on someone else’s blog, and decided to have a poke around in here while I was logged in – because I had forgotten if I had even put anything here or not – LOL

hmmmm … been fiddling around to see how the editor/etc works in here (mostly because I wanted to find the bit where I could make this text green ๐Ÿ˜‰ I kind of like the idea that I have a “kitchen sink” in here – LOL

btw … the post I was commenting on? – was this oneย http://pattyjansen.wordpress.com/2012/03/20/sisters-doing-it-by-themselves/ … where I had the rather weird feeling one gets when one notices that someone is actually talking about … me (which, among other things, she was ๐Ÿ˜‰ ย 

and … because here is as good a place to post it anyway (and because I want to post something else to my other blog for my next post, and just link to this if I rememeber) – this is what I had to say on there:

I just found/read this … now trying to decide if I should laugh, smile of just scratch my head – not because there is anything wrong with the article … but because people don’t often blog about me! – I am the Andrea who is @UTLAU on Twitter … LOL
(btw – I am not actually a science teacher, but I do work with a bunch of them – I am the person who gets stuff out for their prac lessons/makes up solutions/etc of chemicals/fixes things when they break them/buys the hearts/eyeballs/etc for biology class/etc … and cleans up the mess afterwards … lol)
I do some things by myself … but there are some things I want to do, but have not got around to doing that I would like to one day … but have not had someone to do them with so not done yet, and I am not sure my husband would ever want to do them… but I think the reason I have not done them is not fear of doing them alone, but partly a hope that hubby might one day want to do them with me, and mostly because some of the things are just not so much fun to do alone, and more fun if done with someone else to share the fun with at the time …
… which now kind of strikes me as a kind of odd way of thinking for someone like me – seeing I am one of the few females I know who usually doesn’t need to do (or even understand) that whole idea of going to the loo in pairs that most females seem to need to do – LOL
Mind you … another big reason I have not gone out alone (or even with someone) and done some of the things I would like to do is not because I am afraid to do them alone – but because they cost too much money … if someone wants to pay for me to fly to the edge of space, or trek to the South Pole or climb a mountain or sail to places unknown, or go on some other adventure – I am game!
*Andrea thinks for a bit*
I guess what is right/works/etc for different women is different … was just thinking of Mum and I … we went overseas together about 3 years ago … to places my husband was not interested in, and my Dad was happy to miss out on rather than being a 3rd person “standing outside fabric/bead/etc shops while you to get lost in there for hours” … Mum and I share a lot of interests and have a fair bit in common … but she had never been apart from Dad for more than about a week … whereas my husband and I have been apart for weeks at a time ever since before we were married (the joys of both of us being in the Army when we met ๐Ÿ˜‰ after a couple of weeks away Mum was really missing Dad … but I was having too much fun … yet I am sure I love my husband as much as Mum loves Dad (if one can even measure something like that?! lol) … just that things work differently … I know he is still there when I get back, and that he is happy for me to go … and there IS such a thing as an e-mail or a phone call … LOL
The other odd thing with my husband and I … I tend to be happy for him to make a lot of the big decisions (like getting a cat/dog, buying new cars and where to go when we do holiday together and stuff) although we usually do talk about it and I guess we sort of decide together … but he tends to make most of the small ones too (what to cook for tea/where to go for tea/what to do on the weekend/etc) because I tend to enjoy whatever it is we eat/do/etc and he is not interested in most of the other things I do without him … and I don’t mind what I eat for tea if someone else cooks it – and he does the cooking ๐Ÿ˜‰
… but he has no say in how much quilt/etc fabric and stuff I have and what I do in my sewing room – LOL

(oops … that got a bit long – maybe I should have just posted it on my own, rather neglected, blog? lol)

… and no – decided not to put it there … I have put it here instead … but hopefully I will remember to put a link to it on my usual blog, when I eventually get around to posting to it again …ย 


… but first … I need to actually post this, not just leave it sitting open in a browser tab for a day or 2 – LOL