Here is one I prepared earlier …

Actually I only just finished it, am in the middle of putting it on … found the other post here sitting in another browser tab when I went looking for one to use to search for a link I needed to add … finished that and then figured I may as well stick the “one I prepared earlier” in here too … it is actually a thingy I just finished doing on … and … I was just about to put the html to embed it in here when I rememberd there was an option to export it to WordPress … and I have this sudden urge to have a fiddle 😉

ok … had a fiddle … wanted the URL for this blog, and my username and password … which means it will probably create a new blog post for each story I publish or something … and I just wanted to have it pop up here … so … back to plan A – it should show up here:

[<a href=”” target=”_blank”>View the story “Mmmm Nom Nom – Tweeting about eating? ” on Storify</a>]

If it didn’t … then Blogger scores and moves ahead of WordPress in the “which one works best” contest – LOL

(it shows up in the preview on Blogger, and the same thing has worked on there when I have done it before … currently it is not looking so promising here – on the preview all I see is the “alt” text … but that might fix itself when it is published … or it might not … in which case Blogger gets more than one point? LOL)