All The Fun Of The (Craft And Quilt) Fair:

There is one particular weekend each year, when someone says “have a good weekend” I can Fairly confidently say “yes, I will” … not specifically because of the Craft Fair, but because included in that is the Canberra Quilters exhibition 🙂
I generally manage to enter at least one quilt, sometimes a Few … This year I entered Four … and, surprisingly enough, I actually got them all Finished in time for delivery day (just! – there *might* have been some Frantic last minute sewing involved, as is usual For me 🙂

The Craft Fair/Quilt exhibition actually goes For more than just the weekend – it is also on the Thursday and Friday, but I generally can’t go on those days because I am at work (as was the case this year too) however Saturday and Sunday usually Find me there For the whole day, either wandering around looking at quilts or checking out the vendor stalls, and buying something or another that I probably don’t really need (although this time I bought a few buttons and charms, and a pack of Fat quarters – which are 1/4 of a metre of quilt Fabric – and I Found some wooden star shaped beads, there were only 2 packets left, but if there had been more I would have bought more because I had been wanting more For a while – they are the same as the ones I used for the Fidget bracelets I posted about a Few months ago (on my other blog) – I had Forgotten where I got them From … I guess it was at the Craft Fair last year 🙂

I had started typing about my Exhibition Entries as my E post for ABC Wednesday … but I kind of never got around to copying it in to blogger (From the notes app on my iPad, where I typed it) and Editing it … but I did post something Else For that, over [here] on my WordPress blog – which I created a Few years ago, and decided to Experiment with again, to see if it works better than Blogger … that post is at

[Yes, I posted this on Up Too Late As Usual … yesterday, now recreating it here … decided I might post in both places for now, and see which one works best/decide if I should just keep one later …]


Anyway … I decided to copy a big chunk of the E stuff into this post, because kind of Fits nicely here:

Excited …

… and Extremely surprised and happy … I Entered 4 quilts in the Canberra Quilters Exhibition … and one of them got a second prize!
I actually found out I had won a second prize a few days ago, while I was Entertaining myself, being Energetic, and just a little bit crazy, taking photos in the wind and rain, on top of Mt Stromlo, after having gone on a bushwalk all morning, had coffee, and then walked up 2 other smaller hills to find Geocaches 🙂
I would include a photo of it here … Except … In my usual Extremely disorganised state (Executive Function is not one of my strong points 🙂 I Ended up finishing the last of the stitching on one of them at about the same time as I needed to walk out the door to go and deliver them … and I only just made it in time … and I didn’t take photos of the quilts before I left home because inside my house is a bit dark and outside there are patches of bright sunlight with weird shadows in all the wrong places, so I had figured I would take photos at the Canberra Quilters rooms, when I got there to deliver the quilts, as the lighting is better for photos there – a lot more Even … But when I arrived, the people checking and signing the quilts in were ready to head home because the heating had not been working all day and they were freezing, so I didn’t get a chance to take photos …
I was hoping to be able to take photos today, when I was there helping hang the exhibition. .. but, after the Extremely frustrating and difficult task of organising to work some Extra time Elsewhen, in order to Extricate myself from work slightly Early, I had just headed off and driven only a short way down the road when I was called and told that the hanging was done, so I don’t need to go … so … I Expect I will be Finding a way to include my quilt photos in an F post next week 🙂

Of course I Forgot to actually Finish and post that … but now I have taken some photos of the quilts I had in the exhibition, so I can Fiddle with those so they look ok and put them in here For you all (the 2 people who might read this? lol) to see:

(I also stole my descriptions, From the online catalogue (a First this year – they used to do a printed one), in case they are too hard to read on the signs, in the photos.)


“Falling apart… and putting myself together again    84 x 132 cm
Andrea made this quilt at the various drop-in sessions in the Canberra Quilters rooms, from scraps she picked up from ‘the free-to-a-good-home’ bucket. Coming in and sewing this and other things was good therapy while she was off work, recovering from a stress disorder.”


“Crosses? or Plusses?            101 x 101 cm
This quilt was made from blocks done at Canberra Quilters Modern Quilt Group meetings. The name means that, sometimes, things that seem like ‘crosses’ (such as unfortunate events) can turn out to be ‘pluses’ – it all depends on how one looks at life.”


“Late Bloomer (finally finding myself) 50 x 70 cm
Having spent most of her life feeling like she was fighting an invisible enemy, this year, at age 54, Andrea was diagnosed with Asperger syndrome. This was actually good news – rather than having missed her prime, she can now be a late bloomer and be happy being herself.”


“Whatever Happens…Happens    30 x 26 cm
Draw a rough idea; find fabric; draw a neater design, but totally change it; change fabric; change design a bit more; do nothing for three weeks; submit entry form; start making quilt. Yes, that is how someone whose life has gone a bit haywire does things!”

And … this one is not mine, nor is the photo (I forgot to take one on my phone, so I “borrowed” this one from the Canberra Quilters Website – this one also won a prize), I am including it here, because I did help make a tiny bit of it – I was at the meeting where we sewed the blocks, and I think I put together about 4 blocks, using fabric someone else had, because the type/colour fabrics we used were something I don’t actually have in my stash … I can’t actually remember what fabric I used, which makes it a bit hard to pick out which blocks … or if they actually even ended up IN there … sigh


“Kross Kut Kaffe  169 x 154 cm
Members of the busy Canberra Quilters Modern Quilting Group contributed some Kaffe Fassett and low volume background fabrics. Some fun and creative collaborative piecing and cross-cutting revealed a chaotically intriguing and colourful modern quilt.”

I did make my own Cross Cut quilt too … but it is still only a top … I wanted to enter it in the exhibition, but it only fitted in the same catagory as 2 of my others, and we could only enter 2 quilts in each catagory … besides … I still have not worked out how the heck I want to actually quilt it … or when I will actually get around to it … lol
Because I don’t still have the photo on my phone, and can’t find it quickly on my Google photos online – here is a screenshot of my post on Instagram – which is where we found out about this design 🙂

(if you have Instagram and type in that # you will see a whole lot more, and I found the link to the instructions in there too … not that I really followed them that exactly or anything …)

There are photos of the prize winning quilts on the Canberra Quilters website … At

Oh … and, like most of my posts on here [there? :], this post is a bit weird because it is my letter F post for 🙂